Bing & Grondahl (B&G) Figurine Series

by Svend Lindhart

A series of four figurines of very young children expressing emotions typical of their world. The figurines are glazed white porcelain (without painted decoration), which emphasises their sculptural aspect  All four figurines were discontinued in the mid-1980s, about the time (1987) that B&G merged with Royal Copenhagen.  Last MSRP (List Price) for these figurines in 1984 was $75 each.

Svend Lindhart (1898-1989) designed these four figurines for B&G.  He also designed The Four Aches (B&G #2206 through #2209) -- some of the best selling figurines ever produced by B&G, and still in production with the Royal Copenhagen trademark.  

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#2229  So Big! 

#2230 Adam

#2231 Eve

#2232 Fright

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